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Putty Remover - CRL PR9000

Putty Remover - CRL PR9000
1.00 lbs

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The CRL Putty Remover is the newest and easiest way to remove hardened putty. No need to remove the glass from the frame because the Putty Remover's carbide blade is designed to clear the glazing points as it literally chews up the old putty. No more hand chipping, just insert the Putty Remover into your 1/4 or 3/8 inch (6 or 9.5 millimeter) electric drill. A notched, T-shaped sleeve guides it along the surface of the window sash. An adjustable collar controls the depth of the cut. The flexible plastic handle lets you pull the drill along steadily as the putty is being removed. The CRL Putty Remover is a time and labor saver you should own.

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