CRL Automotive Rivet Tool Assembly - RT1200

CRL Automotive Rivet Tool Assembly - RT1200

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Use this CRL Combination Rivet Tool to replace and set rivets in lower vent pivots, vent handle brackets, and some division bars in many older cars. You can also replace vent handle brackets without removing the vent from the car. One side of the tool is for removing old rivets, and the other for setting new rivets. The rivets are rolled, not flattened, so it is quick and easy to operate. Comes complete with RT1200A Remover Screw and RT1200B Small Rivet Setting Screw. For larger rivets use Cat. No. RT1200C, which must be ordered separately. If you need a spare Allen Wrench order Cat. No. RT1200D separately.

  • Removes and Resets Rivets to Repair Vent Windows Without Removal

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