CRL 1984-1988 Toyota Extended Cab Backglass Replacement Gasket - WBL2674

CRL 1984-1988 Toyota Extended Cab Backglass Replacement Gasket - WBL2674

This product is no longer available. Please see other products in our catalog: CRL Replacement Backglass Gaskets for Toyota

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Many times you will need to replace the original equipment gasket when installing a new backlite or slider. CRL Backlite Gaskets are replacements that will work for each given application. Gaskets are available for some of the most popular domestic and import pickups. Search the listings for the one you need for the year, make and model truck you are working on.

  • OEM Quality
  • Quick Replacement of Worn Gaskets for Many Popular Domestic and Import Pickups
  • Required When Replacing OEM Slider with Aftermarket Slider

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